We will conduct multi-level interviews and questionnaires will be filled in, in order for us to evaluate and analyse your company’s needs. This information will be used to create an environment that will fulfil all the company’s needs as well as creating a space that the company can be proud of.

We are able to offer the service of finding premises that would suite your new office environment. With our knowledge of office space gained from years of experience, we have the expertise necessary to choose a building that will best suit your requirements. Consideration will be given to terms of lease, parking, tenant installation allowances, parking, surrounding facilities and the overall pros and cons of the building.


A colour scheme and decorating theme will be put together keeping in mind your image and the image you wish to convey. Finishes will be suggested to suit not only the appearance of your interior but also the functionality and suitability of each material. The building will be converted to suit these requirements and your staff complement.

If new furniture, seating, shop fitted goods are needed we will obtain quotes on your behalf and do any necessary drawings or specifications. Our association with suppliers will guarantee you quality products and competitive prices.


Orders will be placed with various contractors on your behalf. A critical path analysis (CPA) will be implemented to ensure that all items arrive on schedule and in the correct position. Quality of work and the deadlines are closely monitored to ensure on time delivery and that quality standards are adhered to.



Due to the uniqueness of each project,” workflow” of existing staff functions and interaction will be investigated in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of your company dynamics.

The premises will be thoroughly analysed and cognizance taken of services, facilities and design features which will impact on the space planning approach.

You will be presented with stacking and zoning plans to indicate how the various departments will fit into the space and how they will interact. Once these have been approved detailed plans will be prepared showing furniture layouts (new and existing), dry walling, screens, plug points, cabling and the like.


It is important to have a set of specifications and drawings drawn up when managing a project. These specifications will ensure that all the contractors are tendering on the same items and that there is a point of reference if any disputes may arise with contractors.

Costs will be obtained from various contractors and a complete cost schedule will be given to the client for approval.


At the completion of the contract Chameleon will compile a complete snag list and all contractors will be monitored until the work is completed to the client’s satisfaction.

A removal company will be appointed and move dates set up. All staff will be informed about when the move will be taking place and what is required of them. We will implement a labelling system, give detailed packing instructions and we will have staff on site on the day of the move to ensure that all items are correctly placed. We will coordinate the moving of any plants, copiers and the hanging of pictures and white boards.